NOVA City is a collection of real estate megaprojects in Pakistan that have, over the years, taken over the real estate market by providing people the gateway to a luxurious lifestyle. By bringing in a new market niche, Nova City developers have found outstanding success in the markets of Islamabad (Nova City Islamabad) and Lahore (Nova One). Owing to early triumphs, we are in the process of establishing another real estate project in KPK by the name of Nova City Peshawar. Showing ambition and efficiency, Nova City housing societies are bound to become the best investment decision of your life!

The federal capital of Pakistan, Islamabad has always been the talk of the town and has attracted millions of tourists over the years. Being the nation’s capital, extra emphasis was put on developing the city ever since its inception. From its lush green parks and widely carpeted roads that occupy the entire length of its map to exceptional hills that are the perfect tourist spot and buildings that reach glorious heights. When a city itself offers this much, the demand for superb housing societies that promise the residents safety and peace is a given. One of these societies offering exceptional living conditions to its residents is the emerging Nova City Islamabad.

Nova City Islamabad Society Site Entrance
Nova One Lahore - Tallest Building in Lahore

Nova One

Showing ambition and analyzing the early success attained in Islamabad, Nova City Developers launched a commercial project in Lahore called Nova One. By incorporating their business philosophy with luxurious standards, Nova City Developers entered Punjab’s market by developing a skyscraper in Lahore for commercial activities. Reaching 45-stories high, the Nova One skyscraper is located at the heart of Lahore with locations like Kalma Chowk, Ferozepur Road and Gulberg situated nearby. In addition to providing easy access to the major landmarks of Lahore, Nova One will consist of executive retail centers for international brands, residential brands, luxurious office spaces and an immaculate hotel.

Nova One Lahore - Tallest Building in Lahore

Nova City Peshawar is an upcoming real estate megaproject by the Nova City Developers. Introducing themselves into KPK, Nova City Peshawar will aim to provide a sustainable and luxurious housing society to the citizens of KPK. Announced in January of 2022, the project is still in its developmental phase with its masterplan yet to be furnished completely. However, this project is set to take over the real estate market of Peshawar and KPK with its never-before-seen development plans. Stay tuned for more news in regards to the development updates of Nova City Peshawar.

Nova City Peshawar Master Plan

Nova City Peshawar Balloting Results


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